Veronique Poles

Consultant, Poles Luxe Consulting

 “If luxury lifestyle fashion curator, design consultant, advisor and Indophile Véronique Polès were to weave a fabric representing the world, she would thread a million cultural skeins and embroider a story that spoke of and to us all! 

She would do so because, to her, design is the assimilation of human stories and variegated cultures and not just a brand to flaunt. 

She has not just been a curator of beauty and a certain aesthetic sensibility that extends to not just how fashion is created and sold but how life is lived. She is a synergist, an artist who blends cultures.

” (Reema Moudgil – Journalist)


Véronique Poles is a multi specialist ‘luxury, lifestyle and fashion consultant/ advisor ’  based in Mumbai since 2007.

She has a Master’s degree in ‘Innovation, design and luxe’ – (IAE Gustave Eiffel Campus Marne La Vallée), and she is a graduate of University Toulouse le Mirail, in Sciences of Education/ France.

Before moving to India, with her entrepreneurial and visionary spirit and a keen commercial sense, Véronique multiplied her experiences in France, in U.S.A. working in the luxury sector (retail, sales and management, marketing, communication, customer experience, service quality training) for several companies (among her references are LV, Waterman Pen Company, Hermès, Givenchy…) and demonstrated achievements in business development.

She has been working across the luxury sector: tableware, footwear, fashion, leather goods, luxury stationery, writing instruments, castles and palaces, including interiors living, travel, leisure… 

She has developed a particular interest for all forms of art, design, architecture and heritage.

Multi talented, bold creative, adding new strings to her bow, seeker of all things beautiful, she is also known for a truly excellent taste, good eyes, a French touch in her choices handling missions.

Her creative decisions are informed by the quest for beauty, quality, uniqueness, experimentations, innovations, and a quest for meaning/substance (means the story behind a piece designed), and with respect behind each piece handmade for the talented craftsmen.

Véronique is the result of many influences, multifaceted advisor having managed various missions in India, in addition to the core one she had handled during 12 years: sourcing and even designing hand embroidery for the luxury industry and for exclusive clients (including Royal personalities crowned heads). 

All through her experience in India, she has been dedicating her actions to bridge India and France celebrating the 2 countries in various collaborative projects and initiatives, exploring new opportunities where she blends the culture with a contemporary shift.

She understands and integrates cultural nuances in global marketing practices emphasizing real and sensory experiences. 

Creator of opportunities, she identifies, develops and manages relationships across several disciplines and a well connected network of contacts in a variety of business sectors and accompanies them in the development of the projects: offering consulting services, guidance, mentoring, support, to clients with personalized responses/solutions in their organization, development, understanding of their customers, quality control maintenance in products and services.

In addition to her assignments, she is a speaker, lecturer for various events, and contributor for some magazines and newsletters in India and France.

She has also shared her experience with business and commerce students and students in communication, in master luxury.

She enjoys travelling and shooting photos.