Peter Knapp

Chairman, Landor & Fitch

Peter is the Group Chairman for Landor & Fitch, working closely with the global executive team to establish their unique approach to strategic branding. Throughout his 29 years at Landor & Fitch, Peter has gained a wealth of experience in delivering branding programs where graphic, three-dimensional, digital, and engagement design platforms are merged to form total branded experiences for consumers.

Peter is widely known for his unparalleled expertise in destination branding. His broad range of experience in tangential industries also includes hotels, airlines, retail, and leisure. Relevant previous clients include NEOM, Burj Khalifa, NOMA, Talan Towers, Comcity, Intu, One & Only, Etihad, ITA, British Airways, KLM, EasyJet and the Azerbaijan country brand, to name a few. 

His opinions regularly appear in the regional and national trade press, and he can often be found on the judging panels of international awards such as Cannes, D&AD, and Design Week.

Peter’s expertise in creating compelling destination and place brands is constantly informed by the fast-changing world around us and thus making sure that solutions are always hyper-relevant to their context.