Dominique Fieux

French Michelin Star Chef, F&B Director, Concoctions

46 years in the hospitality industry, trained in France, worked in several countries in Michelin Star boutique restaurants, big brands and diverse formats.

A Passionate Food Lover
• When people ask Dominique what makes him a Michelin star, he says, “I respect food, so I cook with respect for the products and I serve with respect to my guests.”
• Passionately believes that food should have visual appeal first,
and then every mouthful should be a burst of different flavors.

Teacher, Mentor & Consultant
• Mentored by some of the best in the industry and is now a mentor to students and aspiring young hospitality professionals.
• Lectures in universities across the world to create awareness of French Gastronomy.
• Independent consultant for enabling restaurants to provide the best-in-class European culinary experience.

Awards & Recognition
• Recognized as Bourguignon chef, that is, one of the best chefs from Burgundy.
• Finalist of the Pierre Taittinger International competition.
• One of the winners at the MasterChef India competition.

Passion Project
• Loves to experiment with fusion food and that is what led him to co-create Concoctions ( with Nandini Vaidyanathan, his life partner. Concoctions is a French bakery and restaurant, set in beautiful surroundings, in the heart of Dehradun, that serves both street and gourmet French food to its guests.
• Lives in Dehradun, is an Indophile, and a big fan of Indian food