Film maker. Story teller.

A person who breathes life into his visuals through real people and places, filmmaker Bharatbala tells Indian stories with a universal sensibility in the most exotic locations across the subcontinent. He is renowned for his grand visions for India, his most popular being Vande Mataram, an idea that took audiences by storm. His other celebrated projects include Gurus of Peace, a docu-feature on the Nobel Peace awardees, Incredible India, and the national anthem featuring 50 of India’s maestros. His first feature film, Hari Om, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2004 and travelled to over 35 international festivals. He then went on to make his critically acclaimed second film, Maryan, starring actors Dhanush and Parvathy. Bharatbala’s current big idea for India, Virtual Bharat, is a 1000 film journey on the untold human stories of India. The project has generated great appreciation across the nation and aims to continue to do so.