A brand is not just a logo,
a website or a business card.

It is an experience.

Branding is also about creating
an identity that reflects a nation’s history.

Taj Palace, 2, Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi 110021.
September 5-6, 2022

as Brands

It was the 70s. The story begins with a torn envelope,
a red crayon and a cab ride that inspired an iconic logo.

And overnight, New York, a city desperate for a makeover had achieved it. The ‘I love NY’ campaign, the brainchild of Milton Glaser, is arguably one of the most influential place branding campaigns in history and its impact on New York, the dream of anybody in the business. The campaign was the first step in changing perceptions.

Today as more countries aim to enhance their visibility by re-orienting themselves as unique destinations, geo branding has become more vibrant.

” Drive German, dress Italian, drink English”.

Geo branding clearly at its best! Think about it. Say engineering and you have no second thoughts about
German automotive excellence. Fashion on your mind? Welcome to Italy. Care for some whisky? The heady destination is Scotland. Perfumes? France offers an incontestable range of iconic brands. Think chocolates and dairy products or even watches and Switzerland comes to mind. Precision Engineering? Hello Japan. Say spices and India’s fragrant aromas overpower you… As will its rich culture, IT brilliance and architectural distinction. The list is indeed endless.

While the image of a place has always existed, today, country branding is evolving qualitatively.

So, the time is just right for IAA, arguably the most influential global marcom network,
to speak out on Nation Branding. It’s time for the IAA Global Summit on Nations as Brands. 

The Event

September 5-6, 2022

Spread over two days IAA Global Summit on Nations as Brands
will bring to life how certain nations are synonymous with certain categories of
products and brands. Keynote addresses and panel discussions will demonstrate
the cause and importance of nations’ role in brand building in various categories.

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Topics for Discussion

  • England the original home of Cricket
  • Automotive Excellence from Germany
  • Start-up of Nations – Israel leads the way
  • India’s competitiveness and Nation building
  • Geo branding – it all started in Europe
  • And US is not far behind
  • Tourism defines the country
  • Growing prominence of Bollywood
  • Barriers to National Branding
  • Taking ancient services to the World
  • India: ancient Culture, modern outlook

Key Speakers

*Subject to further confirmation

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